About Doan

Women in dress

Behind the brand DOAN you will find, Fashion Designer Phuong Doan. Phuong Doan has an education as a tailor and cutter from Vietnam supplemented by a Bachelors degree in Fashion Design from La Salle International College in Manila.

I have 15 years experience from my own workshop in Vietnam and found further inspiration through five years in Bhutan.  In Bhutan I worked closely with women from rural areas who create some of the most beautiful and unique hand woven textiles in Asia.

The textiles are produced according to old traditions handed down through generations using production and colouring processes respecting Bhutan’s fantastic natural environment. Originally these textiles were only produced for the quite limited Bhutanese market. In close cooperation with Danida and the local Ministry of Works, I initiated a project for young Bhutanese utilising these textiles in modern designs, which could appeal also to customers outside Bhutan. An additional benefit was that several of these young people developed into skilled tailors, who now have their own businesses in Bhutan. After Bhutan, I spent three years in the Philippines, where the hot and humid climate inspired me to work with natural fibres such as Piña and Banana fibre.

I have gained great inspiration from the beautiful textiles from Vietnam, Bhutan, Philippines, India, Uzbekistan and Indonesia, which I came across during my extensive travels in Asia. I have also gained inspiration from African textiles which I have had the opportunity to work with since my arrival in Denmark.

Now, I live in Denmark and I am ready to make my skills and experience available to quality conscious Danes.